He was born in 1978 at Barcelona.
When he was a child, he begins to show skills and sensibility for aplicated arts. Drawing was the way to express it. He developed his talent even in other artistic specialties such as modeling with different materials.
He started his own young path with the american style from the comics he usually read.
It must be said that with 9 years old, he started to follow briefly the Walt Disney style. This kind of style influenced and defined the future drawing style.
From this moment he started to study graphic design at the Arts and Crafts School of Igualada.
Four years later, he entered at “La Llotja” (an art school in Barcelona) to study the speciality of ilustration during two more years.
Currently, apart from different open projects, spent much of the past year to consolidate as a digital illustrator with a very personal and unique style in Children and Illustrator projects as photorealistic real and fictional characters with a digital very technical branch.
Opened mind and opened to a lot of possibilities, Dani is an always professional growing artist and creator. In all his works you can see the illusion and devotion he put on it. It can be said that his profession is his way and style of life.